No reservation limits Johnny's pursuit of photography for advertising, editorial, and personal portfolios. Clean, rustic, realistic, dramatic, and touching births of creativity signature Johnny's representations. 

Although being a California native, Johnny's childhood in London and Paris nurtured his foundations to accept global views. His young adult hostel stays in Tokyo expands his Western perspective. Once residing in St. Augustine, San Diego and Houston, now Johnny calls Los Angeles home. Many interests broaden his life. He enjoys backpacking in California's Eastern Sierras, rock climbing in Joshua Tree, and home cooking with his significant sweetheart for both family and entertaining friends. Johnny's expanded interests allow for easy going relationships. 

Clients know Johnny as a creative director, editor, and producer. His keen attention to detail, captures lasting and timeless images for his client's stories. Experience Johnny's aesthetic productions just the way they are intended.  

Being based in the hub of global connections, Johnny is local to many ports. Your next project is Johnny Ciotti's new image